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Welcome all you B Movie Lovers!

 Hey everyone!  Jonathan A. Moody here! Paul A Presenza and I have been doing our podcast Indie Film Cafe for almost 3 years now. We have decided that so you all stay up to date with us that we create this blog. We will try to update you as much as we can (at least once a month) on here.  Also if you haven't already please take a look at our website:  Indie Film Cafe Website So right now I'm at the start of doing 31 Days Of Indie Horror leading all the way up to Halloween. I'm watching a ton of indie horror films and then reviewing them on the You Tube Channel. Check out all the fun ones we have already done.  Also we just announced a new series coming to the podcast/you tube channel called, "Living on the B Side"  Living on the B Side is a talk show where myself and a B Movie guest will chat more about their personal life. A little film talk will be in there but really I wanna dive in to what makes people become who they are in the world of indie filmmaking and a

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